Normal version with same caliber on both barrels available in all express or rimmed calibers. Boss style plus double closing system, adjustable stock, special hand cocking device with safe-act, custom trigger weight, adjustable sight, predisposition for scope mounting

Barrels lengh 25” for magnum calibers or 23” for normal calibers. Stock under customer specification. Weight from 3,4 to 3,6 kg depending on caliber. Over version with two different calibers 5,6x50R (up) + .30R Blaser (dwn) or 6,5x57 (up) + .30R Blaser (dwn) 25” barrel lengh.

fucili artigianali made in italy gardone val trompia armeria giulio bernardelli

-- Doppiette Anson Deeley Gallery

fucili da caccia doppiette made in italy gardone val trompia brescia

over express 30r/5,6x50r mag

bernardelli gardone val trompia fine guns hand rifles fine shotgun hand made

over express 8x57 jrs